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Hi, I’m James, and welcome to Rivers’ Reviews (Rivers is a stupid internet handle that I still inexplicably use). This is a site where I will attempt to write reviews of one of my main loves in life, movies. I’ve loved film ever since I was a young boy growing up watching the same copy of Back to the Future recorded on VHS from BBC1, over and over again. Over the years I got traumatised by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as a kid, discovered that Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the greatest film of all time, found out that films can be ugly and beautiful at the same time, had my mind blown by Fight Club, watched every Lethal Weapon film in a row, and threw plastic spoons at a cinema screen playing The Room. I love films, I love filmmaking, I love writing, and I love reviewing, so I figured I would dedicate a blog to it to inspire me to do it more. Which I will likely fail at.

I’m also gonna prematurely big up my buddy Chris’ forthcoming video games review site. This is a semi-joint operation, both reviewing different parts of the media spectrum. When his site is up and running I will put a link on here.

So expect my first review up on here in a day or two, though I can’t promise I’ll update frequently because I’m a busy (read: lazy) man. Thanks for reading, I hope you are suitably disgusted by my terrible taste in movies. Oops, I meant to say entertained by my terrible taste in movies.